Shocking risk reversal guarantee fills seminar rooms

A powerful guarantee removes risk from the prospect by taking away the fear of failure.  Both risk and fear from choosing the wrong solution.  As a copywriter you can remove this obstacle to purchase using a “Risk reversal guarantee” like the one featured here.

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Migration of Content Management in Progress

You are welcome to use any part of this site that has been migrated.  Please excuse the dust, broken links, and other conversion efforts — the original AdBriefing site is at This notice will be removed once web folks are done doing their part.  Keep clam, carry on to for the older static…

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Trying to sell on the Internet

Are you frustrated trying to sell on the Internet with little or no results to show for your hard efforts?

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Amazon Copywriting Shortcut Revealed

No matter who you write copy for, JAY ABRAHAM has insights that can help you write copy that sells.  In this video he shares his “Amazon Copywriting Shortcut” that saves him time creating copy that increases sales.  Listen carefully, there are several “hidden” insights you can use right now.

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Why e-mail open rates don’t matter

No matter what another guru might say, e-mail open rates do NOT mean anything in e-mail marketing and I’ll show you why in this article.

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