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The purpose ofAdBriefing Copywriting Tips is to provide you with a monthly helping of copywriting tips and tutorials, written by people who really know the ropes. People who can supply a constant stream of ideas to make your promotional projects more powerful.

AdBriefing is designed for those starting from scratch, and for those who wish to expand their copywriting and promotional skills. Either way, it’s a bonanza.

We cover just about every aspect of copywriting, advertising promotions and marketing you can think of. From headline writing, to developing the Unique Sales Proposition. From writing hard-selling copy for web sites, press ads, brochures and direct mail, to the secrets of penning successful press releases.

There’s more. From time to time, we run a copywriting clinic for one-to-one help and advice if you get stuck on a writing project. All you have to do is ask.

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