What Smart Copywriters Know About Writing Campaign That Convert

Writing is difficult. That's why copywriting pays so well for the producers who get out in front of marketers who use copy to sell. But more copy assignments mean more of your 24-hour day is stuck on writing.

How To Write More Billable Copy Without Working 24-Hours A Day

It is a catch-22; the more successful you are as a copywriter, the harder it can be to keep up with assignments. Instead of settling for less work, why not use these insights to write faster.

Episode 022, A Marketing Formula That Never Fails (YouTube, 15:37)

The faster you can write good-quality copy, the more assignments you can complete. If you cannot staff your editorial team, copy formulas that speed up marketing design are profitable.

You don't need to be a copywriting genius to borrow from what works in marketing. You can build a library on your own or use marketing formulas like the two-step lead generation.

All marketing formulas have specializations. Some marketing formulas generate leads while others attract that initial sale. Some marketing formulas are for cold prospects, while others boost customer retention.

There is a difference between marketing formulas and copy formulas. A marketing formula is a chunk of a more extensive campaign. One example could be a name squeeze followed by an upsell or a down-sell after a high-ticket offer.

A copy formula is more about a single creative than how you write a sales letter or layout a lead generation piece. Use copy formulas to gain insight into larger campaigns built from marketing formulas.

Save Time With Marketing Formulas As The Starting Point of Your Next Assignment

It's the Lego(TM) approach to marketing. You apply the marketing formula most appropriate to the campaign objectives. Can you see how that speeds up campaign design, allowing you to spend more time writing copy?

One warning is not to rely on marketing formulas alone. Sometimes you won't have a formula match, and you'll adapt. However, that saves you time because, most of the time, a marketing formula will fit to get you started.

Some marketing formulas of note:

  • Russell Brunson's Expert Secrets,
  • Dan Kennedy's Magnetic Marketing,
  • Jeff Walker's Product Launch Formula,
  • Frank Kern's Results In Advance,
  • Chet Holmes' Dream 100 Club,

You may wonder why these “formulas” are tied to individual marketers. That's because these marketing formulas can be the basis of a business, including your marketing agency. These experts refine and teach the marketing formula that works for their clients.

Why You Don't Need 100 Marketing Formulas To Create Campaigns That Convert

Copy that sells isn't about creativity; it's about doing what works to create behavioral changes in prospects. Without moving a prospect to action, the copy does nothing. Marketing formulas are the same.

You don't need to invent marketing formulas; simply use the existing ones while testing them in specific markets. Some formulas will work better than others, but they all work when applied.

You don't need hundreds of marketing formulas; learn to master a few. Keep using the formulas that work for your target audience. By doing list segmentation correctly, you'll never have a prospect get bored of a marketing formula.

Your prospect or customer won't see the marketing formula if done right.

Marketing formulas work because they focus on writing compelling copy that sells. With the correct formulas, you can paint by numbers into profitable client campaigns.

What's your favorite marketing formula? How have you used marketing formulas in the past to speed up the writing of copy for campaigns? Write in with questions and comments.

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