23 [ABR] The Secret to Forever Content Marketing That Works

If you're on the content writing chain gang, always writing and never producing, then pay close attention. Discover an insider strategy to write content that sells. Writing content is a dead end.

Stop Working For Free In The Content Marketing Game (Start Writing Less and Earning More)

Content marketing includes articles, blog posts, and other content designed to engage prospective customers. You can write content for your website, guest posts, or even publish in niche publications.

The Secret to Forever Content Marketing That Works (YouTube, 18:16)

If you are writing copy in any form and NOT getting paid, pay close attention. Content alone doesn't do anything for your business unless it generates leads or makes a sale. Being published means nothing because anyone can do it today.

All you need is a free website, domain, and blogging software. That's all that is necessary to be in the copywriting business. Then add 20-30 well-written pieces of content, and you still might not have anything.

Content alone doesn't build a business. However, software providers, blogging platforms, and advertising networks invest so much to convenience you otherwise. That's because your content makes traffic to their platform (or provides media for their advertising.)

Why The Common Beliefs About Content Marketing Are Wrong and Costly To Copywriters

Using this method, you'll be able to write less and earn more. The endless stream of content you produce helps search engines and advertisers more than you. You need an approach that worked 100 years ago and will function 100 years from now.

In what bizarro world would writing more for little or no pay be work your effort. The promise is that a piece of content will go viral, but that rarely happens. Worse, it hides that you can create an audience with list rentals and advertising.

Discover the secret of content marketing that most gurus don't know to tell you, but it's not secret for those who write copy that sells. When you can write copy that sells, that will be your only focus.

Why write a feature article or special report to position your company when you write a campaign that generates leads. Put that campaign in front of prospects to let them make a decision. Content written for networks is building their platform, not marketing that works.

Stop writing content for free. Think about the purpose of each piece of copy, then make sure the content is up to the task. Fewer high-quality pieces drive leads and sales; impressions alone mean nothing.

You don't have to stay in the forever content marketing game; start writing copy that sells. You are in the right place to learn these strategies. Always write copy on purchase, not for some blue sky dream of exposure through content marketing.

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