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036 [ABR] More From Your Marketing | HR13

You profit when every bit of your marketing works as hard as possible.  Yet most copywriters are “once and done” with marketing campaigns, creatives, and efforts. 

They run a campaign once, then wander off to the next shiny object.

In some ways I understand.  Running the same marketing campaigns repeatedly is boring.  Writing a new sales letter, starting a new campaign, and dreaming up ideas is so much fun.

An Unusual Way to Look At Copy Writing Work

Even with clients, it’s always more exciting to write something new than write it again.  As a copywriter that’s a dumb way to make a living.  Why not do this to increase productivity, get more from every effort, and get results.

I don’t know about you; I’m looking for profitable customers not creating excitement.  That’s why I encourage clients to recycle their marketing.  Your job is to get more from one piece through testing, systems, and re-purpose.

In today’s podcast you’ll discover:

  • How to make more sales with less effort, you can even be lazy,
  • Secrets to optimize effort to produce the outcomes you desire,
  • Mistakes marketers make that keep them from more clients,
  • Unusual ways to do the work once and profit many times,

When you reuse the marketing you have, you don’t need to do a lot of marketing.  It’s about developing controls.  When you help your clients do more with what they have everyone wins.

Why You’re Not In The Writing Copy Business

Your service to customers isn’t about what is doing fun and exciting to you – it’s about creating results they desire.  Are you doing the work once and getting paid many times?  Or are you slaving away doing one-off campaigns hoping things will work out?

By the way, I’m going to be publishing many of these audio materials from my library.  It’s all very good and relevant today.  And when you join me for Q&A sessions, I may even personally deliver answers to your challenges.

[ED. Quick example: You research a niche market then write copy for many clients who sell to the same audience.  This saves a huge amount of time.  If you’d like to talk about writing for specific niches, submit a question.  This podcast doesn’t even scratch the surface of how you can recycle your marketing. – Justin Hitt]