Do You Make These Sponsorship Marketing Mistakes?

041 [ABR] Do You Make These Sponsorship Marketing Mistakes?

Are you bombarded with offers to sponsor or buy local advertising?  Every local business receives calls, letters, and salespeople who show up asking for money – festivals, schools, and worthy causes alike.  Consider this …

Do you make these sponsorship marketing mistakes, with Justin Hitt (12:13)

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What if you could stop making these sponsorship marketing mistakes and start profiting from these opportunities to reach potential customers.  I recorded this when volunteering with my local SCORE chapter in the City of Martinsville (VA), listen carefully to this powerful insight.

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In this podcast episode I cover:

  • The right way to create an event specific advertisement for your sponsorship slot,
  • A huge mistake nearly every business makes when it comes to sponsorship marketing,
  • What a sponsorship can really mean to your small local business and community,
  • Where to get additional resources that make sponsorships pay right now,

The truth is, when you do sponsorship marketing the right way you grow with local customers.  AS you grow you can sponsor even bigger than before.  That’s an investment in your community as well as positive media exposure if used the right way.

It doesn’t matter what kind of business you have, when you stop making these mistakes the results of your marketing grow.  Are you going to look at your sponsorship marketing differently?  Maybe even welcome those solicitations to sponsor – I know I do.

Even Help Your Clients Stop Making Sponsorship Mistakes

Are you ready to stop making these and other sponsorship marketing mistakes?  Click here to access the complete tutorial mentioned in this podcast.  You’ll get better results from your sponsorship and local business marketing with these easy to follow insights.

If you’d like to work with a SCORE Mentor, then click here for details.  SCORE offers FREE business mentoring, low-cost or no-cost business training, and numerous templates to help you start or grow a business.  Volunteer chapters across the United States offer quality advice daily.

Now that you have a better understanding of sponsorship marketing mistakes, I hope you’ll share your success stories.  Local sponsorship's is an excellent way to promote your business while helping the best of your community.