Create More Customer Attracting Content in Four Steps

Stop wasting time creating content that doesn’t create and keep profitable customers. Here’s a simple four-step content creation strategy that de-clutters your office, increases productivity, and drives what matters in business.

Do This To Write Faster and Better Copy Without Hassle

You can do this to increase the speed of writing. Get drafts for clients done fasters, and have more time for research. Finally, write all that you want without delays or writer's block.

It only takes four simple steps. Too many copywriters and marketers write content the hard way. They miss opportunities to write better copy faster. What tips do you have about content creation?

Use These Content Creation Insights To Transform Your Productivity

For copywriters and marketers who seek peak productivity, these tips help increase the quality of content creation. Stop writing clickbait and boring copy nobody reads. Use these insights to boost productivity.

Here are a few practical examples:

  1. Write a special report,
  2. Turn a social post into an article,
  3. Write a guest post,
  4. Finish more client assignments,

Combine this method for writing better copy with the recycle marketing strategy. Write long-form materials quickly. Then turn those materials into lead generation, email marketing series, and more.

What's Important to Know About Content Creation? Why Write Fast?

Because I don't sell content creation tools, I can be honest about telling you it is not that important. You are writing for a specific audience. If you match your message with their interests, they will read it.

As a copywriter, if I wrote passionately about fish, you may not be as interested in a communications topic. Sure, some readers might like it, but you came for details about making money as a copywriter.

Zeroing in on what readers want helps bridge them to your solutions. This means, “use the right bait for the critter,” as Dan Kennedy says. Without a reader's attention and interest, it is hard to build up the desire to make a sale.

Take notes, use these methods, and be sure to write with your questions. The copywriter or marketer who breaks seven figures doesn't spend much time creating content. They instead write marketing campaigns that attract clients who stay, pay, and refer.

And now you can too!

Turn up your volume to supercharge your content creation! by Justin Hitt


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