049 [ABR] Stop Doing Work on Specification | I0621A

Are you tired of sharing your best ideas with potential clients and having nothing to show for it? Worse, they take those ideas then hire some other copywriter, marketing agency, or business development consultant.

Here’s how to stop doing work on specification and start profiting from this powerful syndication model. You won't get paid what you are worth doing work for free.

Writing on specification means you create copy before being paid. The agency or client gives you a “specification” describing what they want, you write for free.

From an agency prospective it's a great way to get new ideas for campaigns. They are under no obligation to hire copywriters who write on specification.

You may see it on copywriting assignment boards, to “Write on SPEC.” Avoid these assignments at all cost unless you simply want the practice.

Today's podcast is about getting paid for your first and every assignment as a copywriter. Use these insights to stop dong work on specification.


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Justin Hitt
A business analyst who specializing in sales generating marketing copy. Author, copywriter, and publisher of newsletters that help clients transform business relationships into profits guaranteed. More than 20 years of experience with technical writing, sales copy, and lead generation. Reach him by Fax at +1 (276) 254-8747