051 [ABR] Be A Productive Writer When Copy Editing

Copy editing is an important part of any business but it can be time-consuming and expensive. That's why a productive approach is critical.

This Turns Simple Copy Editing Into New Income

Secrets to More Productive Editing When Writing Copy (YouTube, 16:33)

Copywriters can reach the next level and create information products to promote their business. It's well within your skill set if you understand the right approach.

FACT: Copywriters produce scripts for videos, webinars, seminars, and other events. You may produce content to deliver online.

Information products include reports, educational courses, and multimedia presentations. That's video and audio, plus written text.

The perception is that video editing is easy, but it is not. To promote your business, start with scripts. Focus on short lead generation scripts and then make simple recordings.

A lead generation script discusses the listener's problems and what to do about them. It doesn't tell them how. Generate leads by offering them a solution when they contact you.

Focus On Lead Generation, Not Distractions

You don't need the infrastructure for editing and delivering video. What you need is to write sales letters to get clients.

Video and audio become another way to present selling content. It is not something different.

Unless you run a newsletter or membership site, borrow existing infrastructure. Publish short videos or audio, then syndicate them on a podcast network.

Building your own e-commerce store and content website is a distraction. Focus on what generates leads and sales. Get everything through a service.

Edit Copy Faster And Be More Productive

Copywriters and marketers can create information products to get new clients. My name is Justin Hitt, and AdBriefings Copywriting Tips is here to help.

Many copywriters write video scripts. They also make videos to publicize their work. They host webinars, seminars, and other events before creating content for online delivery. The content is excellent.

Productivity is a significant challenge you face in promoting your services. Your time is precious. If you're not working billable hours, you're working for free.

Attracting customers or creating information products is simple if you focus on content. Yet it is easy to get distracted by what is necessary to be a media influencer.

Video editing is much harder than editing text. That's why most videos we produce are simple. Yet, you can speak faster than typing. I can start with a script outline and finish a full training course in hours.

Rather than competing for popularity, be a copywriter and marketer to build your list. With the right market-to-message match, you can reach buyers without hassle.

Then the transcript from one course can become a special report, book, or seminar. When you focus on the high ticket offers of your services, you get much more results.

Learn How to be Productive Through Strategic Delegation

Hand off the video and audio, your script, and an edited transcript. With a mailing list full of hot leads, you will have something to work with. A videographer or course designer will finish off work for you.

You do what you do best, they handle the rest. Focusing on leads and copywriting clients gives you the funds for the rest to care for itself. You'll have money to invest rather than the distractions of multimedia.

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