064 [ABR] Don’t Just Write A Press Release It’s Not What Clients Want

If your client asks for it and all you do is write a press release, then you are doing them a great disservice. Don't make this harmful mistake in copywriting. Instead, help the client understand what is necessary to get their results.

In today's podcast, I cover the importance of educating clients about marketing campaigns rather than once-and-done creatives. If writing one press release worked, clients would get the results they sought. Rarely does a press release work that well.

Don't Just Write A Press Release Because It's Not What Clients Want (YouTube, 13:13)

What Do Clients Want From A Press Release?

The client seeks a press release to inform, generate leads, get media coverage, and present newsworthy business changes. A publically traded company may require press releases or want exposure when launching a new product.

The vast majority of clients want customers above and beyond a press release. The middle managers and employees will settle for just a press release. Owners and stakeholders wish to have customers, not coverage.

A press release is one part of a more extensive marketing campaign. Start with an assessment to determine if a client has all the pieces necessary to make a press release functional. Many of those collateral pieces will help you write a better press release.

How To Write A Press Release That Works For Clients

Your client can get a press release anywhere. Many platforms have the $99 press release turned around in 24-hours. If that solves clients' problems, wouldn't they rather have the commodity press release?

Too many copywriters accept bottom dollars to write simple press releases when what clients need is a public relations campaign. Here's how to be a more excellent value to clients, helping them get the desired results.

  • Write the press release to plug into existing marketing.
  • Make a press release part of a more extensive public relations campaign.
  • Multiple press releases to test offers in general media.
  • Write specific press releases for niche target publications.

Think about all the sources of cheap press releases. Why use your talent to write one part of a successful public relations campaign when more steps are necessary. To maximize your service to clients, at a minimum, talk with them about a public relations campaign.

What Does A Successful Public Relations Campaign Require?

A press release is one part of a successful public relations campaign. For the client who wants to announce a new product, do they have landing pages, a sales letter, and a product sell sheet first? These artifacts help sell the product once it has the attention the press release produces.

What about researching the right publications to send that press release? Thousands of press releases go into the proverbial bit bucket on press release distribution sites. Those businesses feel like they have done something even when less than one million get additional coverage.

A press release is not one size fits all. You need a tailored message when pitching press releases directly to magazines, publications, and media channels. Success means writing two or three, or even one for every unique channel.

You are setting a client up for failure if all you do is write a press release.


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