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Do This to Get A Lot More Sales From Your Business Website

If you ever wonder what a business website can do to pay its own way, then listen carefully. Most websites suck money from the business, rather than attract sales and new customers.

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Rather than that money sucking hole you have, have a sales producing business website. Discover simple strategies to get more leads and sales from your business website.

The Truth About What Business Websites Cost

It looks like I’m keyword stuffing for “business website” but that’s not the case. What you will discover in this podcast only works for commercial efforts. You must run your website as a business.

Is your business website a giant hole in the ether you throw money into? That's how most business websites live. Here’s what most websites require:

  • An appealing design. Whether you have your own graphic artist or hire one outside, design is $10,000 to $20,000 a year. And they will want to refresh it yearly.
  • Regular stream of content. The big thing is content marketing. Fresh hot content every day to attract visitors that never come, nor sales ever made. Good content is $1 to $2 a word.
  • Fast loading pages. Google demands fast loading web pages for browsers and mobile devices. You could get any hosting, yet every website slows down over time with plug-ins.
  • Links that work. If you’ve ever had a link outside your website, you know they break. Broken links, images that don’t load, and technology that changes adds thousands a year.
  • Page accessibility regulations. It’s hard to have a website that keeps up with browser technology, but now you have legal requirements. Accessibility is good, but expensive.
  • Works in every browser. With 30+ popular browsers, your website displays at least a hundred different ways. Keeping up with screen sizes, operating systems, and browsers costs.
  • A well-fed webmaster. To keep all the moving parts working businesses have full time technical staff, at least a well-fed webmaster. That’s $35,000 to $75,000 a year.

It doesn't have to be that way. 

Your business website can become a profit source for your business. A means to generate leads, sales, and profits for the business rather than cost the business daily. 

Whether you do this for your copy writing business website or your clients. There are certain action steps necessary to have a customer creating business website.

What If Your CLIENTS Business Website Could Attract Clients Automatically?

Like a vending machine for the internet that works for you around the clock. Knowing how to make a business website pays is an opportunity for every marketing agency. Start here.

If you have questions about white label webmaster services, then contact us as it is good passive income. Too many copywriters stop of article writing, landing pages, and sales letter.

You may think you need to be technical geniuses to handle the hosting side. The secret is automation of technical elements, even outsourced to small teams.

In this podcast you'll get insights necessary to profit from your business website. Stop maintaining a business website, start making money from your website.


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Justin Hitt
A business analyst who specializing in sales generating marketing copy. Author, copywriter, and publisher of newsletters that help clients transform business relationships into profits guaranteed. More than 20 years of experience with technical writing, sales copy, and lead generation. Reach him by Fax at +1 (276) 254-8747