The Secret to Better Freelance Copywriting Even Without Clients

What is the fastest way to learn how to write copy that sells? How can you, without experience, make money in freelance copywriting? Affiliate marketing is the secret to writing better when you understand these simple insights.

What Smart Freelance Copywriters Do To Improve Writing Skills Without Frustration

Episode 077, Using Affiliate Marketing to Write Better Freelance Copywriting (YouTube, 13:08), A proven method to increase the quality of your writing regarding conversion.

Imagine writing, testing, and measuring sales results without a product. You don't need a website, customer relationship management software, or a merchant account. Even earn income by improving your copywriting skills without clients.

Today's episode is about the one thing freelance copywriters can do to improve writing even if they don't have clients. Fill your beginner's portfolio or enhance your market reach as an experienced copywriter.

This method for honing your copywriting skills gives you a simple way to use affiliate marketing to test campaigns, lists, and products. You don't need to create a product to test a list's interest in buying it. Can you see how easy this can be?

Maybe you don't have a product. You might be a freelance copywriter just getting started. There is an unlimited supply of affiliate product offers you can make that proxy your offer. This method helps you practice writing copy even if you don't have clients.

Improve Your Freelance Copywriting With Real-World Testing Using Affiliate Marketing

A proper marketing campaign with an affiliate program helps you get good at conversation. You haven't lost much if you cannot generate leads for a product similar to what you might offer. You now know what kind of copywriting you need to work on improving.

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There is no better way to test your chops at copywriting than to rewrite affiliate offers and then put a few dollars behind them. Use affiliate marketing to do so much in your business without costly overhead.

Experienced freelance copywriters can get more clients by applying these methods to their stale marketing. How about you? Write with your questions, success stories, and comments.

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