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Choosing Virtual Private Web Hosting

Many popular business websites struggle with shared hosting, or worse inadequate in-house hosting. With all the different plans available choosing a virtual private server (VPS) can be difficult unless you know how. Here's a guide for selecting the right virtual private hosting for you.

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Moving a Website to Another Server

Have you outgrown your existing hosting provider or want to move your website to another server? This article is for anyone who might want to risk moving it on their own. Here is an overview of the process plus common mistakes to avoid when moving a business website from one server to another.

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Choosing the Right Business Hosting Provider

“I'm looking for best business web hosting provider where I could host many domains. I also need lots of bandwidth and space. Could you recommend a good hosting provider?” — Jeremy

Across the webmaster and hosting message boards people ask the same question every month. My reply is almost always, “It depends.” That's why …

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Three Types of Business Hosting Accounts

Can someone please explain to me different types of hosting that are available, like shared and reseller and VPS. It's all very confusing.

Hosting providers don't make it easy to understand and know what you get. Each provider offers different packages, which, if you are willing to shop the bigger players can work to your advantage. This guide will help you understand the three common types of hosting accounts.

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Physical Location Matters in Business Hosting

When choosing a business hosting provider it's important to determine your providers physical location. You want to know how close your provider is to an Internet exchange, what kind of data center are they using, and how they are hosting your business website.

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