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Choosing Domain Name Registration

Where should I register my domain name? — Gary Marks

The real answer is “it depends.” If you only have one or two domains then register anywhere that will let you do a transfer without paying. This way, as you get more domains you can easily consolidate.

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Reasons to Consolidate Domain Management

For businesses on-line you may have more than a few domain names, one client of mine had more than 3,800 domains. The JWH Consolidated Network (which I manage) owns more than 300 domains with 72 active websites. One common problem is domain management.

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Joint Venture Domains for Marketing Campaigns

Does anyone have any agreements that would cover the ownership of a domain by a group of 3 or more individuals?

When several businesses buy into a single domain for marketing purposes, it saves everyone money. Unfortunately problems can come when the group is successful or if the group decides to dissolve, unless you do this one thing.

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Plan Domains Before Your Design

Am I better off to add on subdomains to my main web site or Just create new websites using a different domain name?

What is the purpose of your Internet marketing effort? Some marketing professionals like to build websites to generate traffic for Google Adsense, while others for advertising.

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