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Getting Started Guide to Web Traffic

So your business has a fancy website, but are you making any money. A business website without highly qualified visitors is a waste of marketing dollars. Here's your quick start guide to driving qualified buyers to your business website:

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Twitter as a Business Internet Marketing Tool

What's all this crap with twitter? Is it something a business-to-business marketers ought to care about?

Some people get downright defensive when I say Twitter has little value in the business-to-business world right now. I've tested it for my business, but until I see it in my refer logs or it creates sales, I'll be skeptical.

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How to Tell if your SEO Company is Real

Doing some web analytic work for a client I noticed something strange about their web logs. They had recently hired an SEO firm and was very happy with the traffic they create, however, wanted more sales. What I found surprised everyone.

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