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How to prioritize website changes

With more than a decade of systems administrative and software engineering experience, specializing in the support of high-traffic Internet publishers; I get a few questions. A common question is “How do I prioritize site changes for maximum business result?

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Planning for an Increase in Website Traffic

Many websites try to tell you how to increase your traffic, but very few show you how to plan for handling this increase. Unfortunately, you are just one good marketing campaign, inbound link, or media event away from a useless website that hungry visitors can't reach. Here's how to avoid being a victim to your own success.

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Can Your Website Handle Success?

Nothing is worse than a successful website failing to serve visitors by crashing every time it comes under load. Worse, you invest in traffic, then face the cost of emergency services when your site goes down in the middle of a marketing campaign. How can your business website better handle success?

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