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Do This To Fill Seminar Rooms Without Risk Or Fear

A powerful guarantee removes risk from the prospect by removing the fear of failure.  The risk and fear of choosing the wrong solution.  As a copywriter, you can remove this obstacle to purchase using a “Risk reversal guarantee” like the one featured here.

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Jay Abraham Reveals What Gets Amazon to Write Your Copy

No matter who you write copy for, Jay Abraham has insights that can help you write copy that sells.  In this video, he shares his “Amazon Copywriting Shortcut,” which saves him time creating copy that increases sales.  Listen carefully; you can use several “hidden” insights right now.

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Faster Business Website Now

Speed matters from end-user experience through to your ability to generate revenue. There are three sides to any business website's performance, and it doesn't just help to throw hardware at the problem. Let's look at how “slow” hurt your profits and what to do about it.

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