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Getting Your Message Across

It has been scientifically proven that most of us take in only around 40% of what we actually see. Our brains edit out the other 60% of visual information as unimportant.

On these grounds, if you have a serious proposition to make in your website, brochure, or sales letter, it would be wise to repeat it. And not just once, but several times.

Just because you are deeply immersed in your offer or promise, it doesn’t follow that your market will be likewise informed after only one reading. Ads, brochures, and websites are the most negligently read materials on the planet.

Aside from you, nobody has any real or abiding interest in them. Always remember that you are preaching to the indifferent.

Therefore, if you have something to say – say it often. Everything will bear repetition if it is sufficiently interesting to the audience.

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