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What To Do With Many Domains

“My company acquired 4,893 domains, all of which are idle or partially developed. What can I do with them to cover costs?”

Sarah Brentwood

Your situation is not unique. Many businesses get the domain bug as easily as anyone else. After securing their trade names, prospecting for potential marketing domains can create huge portfolios quickly. Fortunately, you have a few options.

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Reasons to Consolidate Domain Management

For businesses on-line you may have more than a few domain names, one client of mine had more than 3,800 domains. The JWH Consolidated Network (which I manage) owns more than 300 domains with 72 active websites. One common problem is domain management.

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Choosing the Right Business Hosting Provider

“I'm looking for best business web hosting provider where I could host many domains. I also need lots of bandwidth and space. Could you recommend a good hosting provider?” — Jeremy

Across the webmaster and hosting message boards people ask the same question every month. My reply is almost always, “It depends.” That's why …

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