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Twitter as a Business Internet Marketing Tool

What's all this crap with twitter? Is it something a business-to-business marketers ought to care about?

Some people get downright defensive when I say Twitter has little value in the business-to-business world right now. I've tested it for my business, but until I see it in my refer logs or it creates sales, I'll be skeptical.

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Traffic Testing Landing Pages

How much traffic would you send to a web landing page as the absolute minimum in order to make a decision on which test is best? I want to start split testing landing pages. — Carter Maya, Dallas, TX.

Split testing landing pages is where you share traffic between two variations of the same page. Each page tests for specific copywriting changes or layouts with the desired result. This is a great way to see what works for your business website.

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Building Partner or Collaborative Networks

We have our main catalog site, a industry trade publication, and several product specific mini-sites. Are there any drawbacks to this kind of network for building traffic?

You have multiple business websites serving the same audience, each with their own theme and visitor value. I find one of the biggest drawbacks to build such a network of sites is maintenance. But it does have value.

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Low-Cost Load Distribution for Static Content

Ever wanted a more reliable website but couldn't afford to upgrade your static servers? Here is a straightforward approach for distributing server load across multiple data centers to supply greater business website availability. Notice, this is a low-cost load distribution system, not load balancing.

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Business Blog Extends Database Marketing Efforts

Recently I came across another way of looking at blogging and your business website. It introduce an idea that I had not considered in that light, an ideas that extends the way I market on the Internet. Instead of a business blog being a separate medium, consider this …

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