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Customer Appreciation Extravaganza

Everyone likes a party, with several profit-boosting event marketing ideas already, this one goes back to basics. When was the last time you told your best customers ‘Thank You'? You can, should, and can profit from doing just that.

Hire a speaker to share unusual sales gimmicks, a magician, an entertainer, or some other guest your customers want to hear from. Invite channel partners, your best customers, even let them bring a guest. If you really want results here, even feed them.

Now during your customer appreciation event, you've entertained and now the main course. Instead of boring customers and their guests with talk about you, feature your best customers and vendors with an award ceremony. Let them here how much your best customers enjoy doing business with you and sincerely show your appreciation.

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Unusual Contract Clauses for Media Attention

Because a contract is a legal document it holds importance and value in the minds of individuals. That's why when New York condo developer put in a presidential election clause it go so much attention.

The New York condo developer called it the “Obama Contingency Clause” allowing buyers to back out of contracts signed between October 28 and Election day if Barack Obama fails to win the presidency. Once news was out, this because a hot topic on-line and in popular publications.

Two principles are used here, connecting the promotion with a celebrity or current event, and listening to their customers (it was actually a customer suggestion.) How could you use this in your marketing?

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Show Customers How It Is Free

Everyone wants something for nothing, and you can show your customers how to get theirs. With this one, you'll attract them in droves.

Does your product or service provide such a demonstrated return on investment that it pays for itself? Take your prospects through the steps to see for themselves, and they will buy.

Use calculators, worksheets, and tools prospects can use. Make it easy to see how “It pays for itself.” Your sales will jump with joy.

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Put Some Excitement in Your Mailing

Having trouble with ideas about interesting and fun marketing to share with your buyers. You don't have to be creative to get started with sneaky marketing. What about trying something from …

Marketing genius Dan Kennedy in “Sneaky Marketing“, shares ideas like sending an extra tall can of peas, doing a fun infomercial, using a fake check, or other gimmicks in your mailings.

Getting excellent results the fun way is all about testing. Your buyers are overwhelmed and your little bit of amusement may be all you need to get the appointment.

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Sneaky Marketing That Make Sales

It's ok to be different and have a little fun with your customers, especially when it makes sales. But many marketers shudder at the thought of using sneaky marketing.

Something I learned from Dan Kennedy's Magnetic Marketing Program is that being a little different helps you stand out (and get attention.) Whether you are mailing someone a tiny trash can, using a dollar bill on a letter, or even shipping them a brick.

Get attention for your message as long as you don't take away from what you are saying. It doesn't matter how “sophisticated” your buyer, they all want to have fun. Sneak in something that surprises them, and you'll grow sales.

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