A Client’s Bad Math Is Dangerous

When it comes to marketing metrics, most clients cannot count. They don't count the money. Worse, they don't count metrics that matter. This is a huge problem.

If you want to be a successful copywriter, your clients must know how to define success. This means ignoring vanity metrics like impressions, likes, or follows. Nothing matters more than the factors covered in this episode.

Even the best copy fails to pay if it doesn't get measured. Clients quickly will hate your work when they don't think it works. Even when it does work, they don't know how to count.

It is a difficult concept to explain to clients, but it is critical. Are you losing new assignments because your clients have bad measures? Today's episode can help. 

Want to learn more about what works and what doesn't in your copywriting? That starts with knowing how to measure. You're in the right place; become a member today!

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