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AdBriefing is for copywriters, marketers, and business development professionals who want to grow their book of business. Readers earn $100,000 USD or more in the business of copy writing. They seek to build a million-dollar-plus agency to go beyond freelancing.

Who are AdBriefing?

A newsletter is nothing without subscribers. AdBriefing is a concierge network for copywriters, marketers, and business development professionals who want to grow. Those insights feed a newsletter, tutorials, and intelligent resources.

This is not a mass market “get started in copy writing” newsletter. You already know how to get copy writing work. This resources is about answering questions about scaling your business, increasing profits, and improving productivity.

You'll still discover ideas and strategies for writing better copy. The fundamentals of copy writing will always be foremost to driving your business growth. Everything here builds on insights from legends like Eugene Schwartz, Patrick Quinn, Henry S. Bunting, and many more.

What is AdBriefing?

AdBriefing is a website and monthly newsletter service dedicated to those who need to write copy that sells. It’s produced as a service by JWH Consolidated Inc (Until 2008 by Markethill Publishing).

Whether you write ads for a living or you have your own company / product to promote, AdBriefing gives you access to some of the most respected copywriters and marketeers in the business – free.

Our lead copywriter is Patrick Quinn, author of some 21 books. He has devised ad campaigns for Sony, Stanley Tools, Alfa Romeo, British Telecom, Jaguar, Jack Daniels, Bank of Scotland, Kerrygold Butter and many more.

With the team we've assembled, we aim to become the best source of no-nonsense information on promotion and copy writing on the Net.

By giving AdBriefing away, we can demonstrate just how good our writers are, and how extensive their knowledge is. Once you see what we do and how well we do it, we hope that you'll let your friends and colleagues know about us and the eBooks we publish.

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