Bad Email Marketing that Irritates Editors

Marketers are just plan lazy about email marketing, to the point I came across some stupid advice. This advice is so dumb, yet so readily followed, that I had to share it so you don't make this mistake.

Well meaning business owners read the following email marketing strategy:

“Sign up to as many email newsletters as you can, then keep your vacation reply on all the time. Your vacation reply will tell all about your business. Every time you get a newsletter, you'll respond with an email that will get you more business.”

The so-called guru then recommends several services which will automate the response, provide template messages, and make this run on autopilot.
Most of these automated messages for business are like press releases, with the hopes an editor will pick up the a story for other readers of the same newsletter. Because I have thousands of readers it doesn't take long before I start seeing a pattern.
This method of email marketing is so dumb because it puts you in a position of sending unsolicited email messages. You may even create a mail loop if the newsletter has an auto-responder, that will downgrade domain name value and email ratings with major providers. And, you just plain irritate newsletter publishers.
Frankly, the first time I see one of these auto replies, I drop the individual from my system because I know this can cause so much trouble. It's sad, but people still follow email marketing strategies that just don't work.
There is no such thing as marketing that you set and forget, every bit of your marketing needs measured and monitored for maximum results. Before you implement any kind of email marketing think things over and make sure what you'll do is worth it.
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