Be Prepared for Business Website Outages

Your business website can crash at anytime for more than a thousand reasons, unless your website is prepared. Here are a few sites who weren't prepared for an outage …

Shoe Moneys Network TimeoutShoe Money has a Timeout Error — Popular affiliate marketing blog down for two days on and off. Network timeouts are usually caused by a hosting failure, in this case it took down other money making websites.

Navisite Suffers Massive Failure, 1,000s of Sites Down — A publicly traded company hosting company loses access during a data center consolidation. Down for three days. How long would you be down if this happened to you? Suffers Outage — Popular CRM system down, locking customers out of their own data. This is a complex environment with multiple clusters of servers, yet it still had a major outage.
Google Server ErrorGoogle Has Isolated Server Errors — While these errors rarely happen and are quickly recovered from, even Google has isolated server errors. So, you can too.

… don't be caught unprepared. There are a number of other outages I've been called to service that I can't list here due to contractual obligations. Just understand, outages happen when you are least prepared.
Always have a plan and a backup system to bring your site back on-line. While these failures do happen, today there are no excuse for a multiple day failures. If that's how you make money, then don't you think it's worth protecting.
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