Best Web Site Design Tools

What's the best product about developing a website? Adobe Creative Suite? Dreamweaver? Nvu?

I know it's fun to think about all the neat tools available for building your website, but what's really important to your business.

Here's how JWH Consolidated builds websites: With a core concept, marketing plan, and web site management sub contractors. I don't care what they use as long as they adhere to a template based approach and they will because I own the company.
In house we use Dreamweaver and a Sun Solaris 10 back end. In addition we have a code management system that lets contractors check in and out code. Test servers are available to look at pages in various browsers and command line tools help keep code clean.
Another design or site management shop may have completely different tools. The point. Often designing in-house is like the difference between a generic manual hammer and nail gun, both can drive a nail, the latter just does it for you and better.
It's more important that you focus on how the site will make money than what tool is used for building it. Focus on marketing campaigns and revenue generation, keep your sites simple, and understand a web site doesn't need to be perfect to work.
The same answer goes for the question, “What's better, Flash or JavaScript for on site animation?” Ask instead, “What does my visitor want, and how do we turn them into customers?” …
A simple professional website up today goes further than screwing around with your site for months.
If you want a profitable business-to-business website, your focus needs to be what generates the most leads, which creates the most sales, and how can be boost the bottom line.
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