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There is nothing wrong with using public content on your business blog, but you've got to think about your visitor. It's a great niche content strategy, unfortunately so many do this wrong. Here are some tips to leverage public content for business gain.

Start by looking around YouTube (just one of many examples) to find content that you are allowed to embed in your own content. They will even provide the code. Note if they include advertising in the video, audio, or PDF document.
Assuming you find content the right content for your target audience, even content you upload yourself, you'll still want to avoid these common mistakes:

  1. Too much in one post. If you have three YouTube videos to feature, then you need three posts. Think about page speed for your visitor. That means one image per post, one video, but not two of each.
  2. Not posting in series. To handle multiple videos simply, do your main post, then three follow on posts. You can build engagement by pacing posts over a few hours so visitors need to come back — or do the posts in series. Either way you can cluster content by cross linking.
  3. Letting public content lead. If you're serious about making money with your business website, then it's critical to only use public content to highlight YOUR key points. Include an introduction, but tell them about your message below the video. After then video, take the visitor deeper in your site.

Sure, this takes a little more time than dropping all the elements into one post, but for a visitor it can make all the difference. First, they might actually stay around long enough to view your content because it will load quickly. Second, their click scavenger hunt to get to all the videos in the series will increase engagement (and lower bounce rate.)
An additional benefit to this method is now you have three entry points to your blog rather than just one big one. This gives you more pages in Google, each page relevantly optimized around the single content element presented. Of course, there are more ways to use public content — but that's a topic for another lesson.
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