Burning Time with Twitter?

Are you burning valuable time with social media? Clients lately are asking about automating Tweets because they find so much of each day sucked into social media. Technology changes, but time challenges are still the same.

If you're spending more than 15 minutes a day in social media, you're burning 64 hours a year that you'll never get back. Unfortunately as a selling professional you might have company pressure putting you in for an hour or two, “engaging” or “connecting” with audience share.

What I do is have 2 to 3 tweets created for every content post and each week my social media manager schedules these posts out over the next 3 weeks. It's a model that works well to bring traffic to specific posts, but doesn't work if that's all your tweet.

I still create the content, but rather than futzing around with all the tools, my staff review, edit, post, and schedule this for me. Of course, I take responsibility for all spelling and grammar errors, their core purpose is to syndicate rather than edit.

In addition to direct links to content, I also setup each week 10 or so tips, highlights, and responses per site managed. Overall my social media manager bulk loads 40 to 50 tweets a week that go across 7 site relevant accounts.

The tool I use is the paid version of Social Oomph, plus a few other resources. The time I save in posting is re-focused on connecting with leads from my website, answering direct messages, and talking with sincere prospects.

Clients who implement a similar strategy find they have more time to read prospects posts, to respond to individual requests, and to discover new opportunities.

This tool also lets me post to specific profiles or bulk schedule posts according to marketing campaigns across multiple channels (my company publishes several newsletters.) Because I leverage my time with a social media manager, I'm able to cover so much more ground.

Most of my client profiles are managed by a part-time social media professionals who engages followers. Even research leads from high interest posts. As a selling professional, it's critical you make the most of your time because trolling social media isn't selling.

With a strict policy of not inviting followers, I have reach of 414 with a 2nd-order following of 2.7 million on my main Twitter account ‘hittjw' — but that doesn't matter too much, I'm more concerned about the periodic client I get from that channel.

Long story short, don't use automated Twitter posting unless the content is created by humans or extracted from human behavior.  Are you reaching buyers or just vomiting content for advertising networks to profit?

Do what any professional would do, get help managing your profile even if it's part-time. Use tools to save you time, but not replace your personality and content.

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Justin Hitt
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