Business Blog Extends Database Marketing Efforts

Recently I came across another way of looking at blogging and your business website. It introduce an idea that I had not considered in that light, an ideas that extends the way I market on the Internet. Instead of a business blog being a separate medium, consider this …

Chris Baggott writes in “Business Blogging IS Database Marketing” the whole goal of a database marketer is to deliver the right message to the right person at the right time.
Your business blog and website, if properly managed provides a communications tool that connects with readers when they are ready. It provides multiple ways to follow your company story, either by RSS feed, email, or feed syndication.
Using the right copy, you connect with your reader in a personal way that builds interest and desire in what you offer. Business blogging and your website provides a lower cost of interaction, and publishing then other forms of media.
While Chris makes a number of great points, I don't see blogging and your business website as a replacement for other marketing channels. Yes, you are in the mail box of your prospect, but so are 72 to 100 other messages a day (depending on the study.)
Online, you also need a following. I can't make you come back to this website, nor can I get your attention unless every word provides value. Specifically the value you seek right now today.
This is the first time I've seen blogger presented this way and it makes a lot of sense. Business blogging done right is the front end of a database marketing effort. A powerful concept I invite you to implement today.
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