Business Blogging is Great if You Know How

Imagine an automated tool for promoting your website online, a tool that builds credibility and grows your site traffic. Well, when I find the ONE tool, I'll share it with you. Unfortunately, business blogging is sold as just such tool.

The truth is that blogging works, when you know how to do it right.
Blogging can help build a community around your type of solution, a business blog can educate customers, and involve them in your mission. However, most often what happens is your content is used to feed domain squatters and AdSense farms.
That's what I found was happening to my content. That's before I learned how to make the most of blogging so that it benefits my business as much as others. Here's some tips:

  • Include your plain text urls in the footer of your message, that would be easy to type in;
  • In every message include a relevant byline and call to action. Follow the example of trade publications;
  • Provide at least one bounce back offer of free information or to contact your offices, with contact information in plain text;
  • Think education based conversational news release, speak with readers, but include a call to action and contact information;
  • Keep your messages relevant to your target audience, this encourages your feeds getting picked up by legitimate syndication;
  • Make your content as unique as possible so it's easily recognized, speak in your own voice directly with buyers;
  • Use terminology relevant to your solutions so you can easily track coverage of your materials;

While this is a little extra work, it creates links back to your website and company, even if the syndicated source isn't linking to your original article. It's closing the communication loop, giving prospects a way to contact you. Fortunately these tips also improve usability on your site and increases the pass along value of your content.
The value these points bring is that even when your copy is lifted, your contact information goes along with it. This doesn't stop people from violating your copyright by breaking up content, but it's a start.
Business blogging done right provides content (and offers) that like a virus expands as they are contextually relevant to others seeking the same audience.
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Justin Hitt
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