Choosing the Right Business Hosting Provider

“I'm looking for best business web hosting provider where I could host many domains. I also need lots of bandwidth and space. Could you recommend a good hosting provider?” — Jeremy

Across the webmaster and hosting message boards people ask the same question every month. My reply is almost always, “It depends.” That's why …

To get you started, I have a hosting and domain name resource page with a number of providers I trust. You can get as much bandwidth as you need and manage your domains too.
Depending on how many sites you have, I tend to use a couple of accounts across providers depending on where you need the data center. This business hosting and domain management resource also lists data center locations.
You'll want to consider how much traffic you are targeting, what kind of applications you'll run, and how much disk space you'll use. It's important to also look at which country will your primary traffic come from, how dense your website is, and number of hops from the Internet backbone.
Start out small with a clear migration plan and be sure to work with a professional to forecast long term business hosting. The worst thing that will happen is you'll need to move hosts, so get started today.
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