Common Affiliate Marketing Mistakes

Affiliate Classroom provides a great article titled, “Worst Niche Site Mistakes and How to Fix ‘Em” which fits perfectly the mistakes I see business-to-business sites make with reseller or affiliate programs. Here are those mistakes in summary:

  • Irrelevant products. Not focusing on products directly connected with the theme of the website.
  • No niche. Not being specific to someone who can identify themselves in your writing.
  • No Opt-in Mechanism. Not giving your readers the ability to get more information through sign-up, and limiting your follow up channels.
  • No viral or follow up. Not being able to connect with visitors after their initial visit to invite them back or provide gifts.
  • Site design mistakes. Not having basic web site usability in place for fast loading easy to use pages.

Mistake #2 hit home. I see clients fail to focus, trying to be all things to everyone. Even they have just have one domain, they would get better results by subdividing (sectioning) the site but starting with one sub-niche area.

After they have done everything Affiliate Classroom suggests, then they can start presenting other sub-niches along the same theme. Avoid these common mistakes and you'll see your affiliate revenue grow.

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