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By Staff WriterJanuary 20

By Justin Hitt, Professional Industrial Copywriter

Do you really need to be in a field to write copy for it? Even if you are just starting out, or writing copy for your own company, the answer may surprise you.

Eugene Schwartz, author of “Breakthrough Advertising” (available at Amazon UK and Amazon US) once said, “The four most important characteristics of a copywriter are (1) indefatigability, (2) clarity, (3) craziness, and (4) humility.” Meaning in short you must have the focus and creativity to write for the readers desires.

Notice he didn't say anything about previous experience in an industry, field, or selling a certain product to write about it. This is because …

You don't necessary need to have specialized in selling the specific service you will write about. That's because great copy starts with research and very often your client can provide the expertise necessary to understand the specific desires of your audience.

If you have strong interview skills you can very often get the information you need to write compelling copy. Be willing to interview the client, their sales people, and even customers. It also means reviewing publications, reports, and materials your target audience reads.

Start by making lists of the benefits a clients solution offers, what their audience really wants, and what is currently selling the offer. Not all clients expect these interviews, so be sure to convey the value of proper research in providing compelling copy.

Build these lists both for this project and future projects in that industry. Extract from the minds of their experts what is necessary to move a reader to action. You don't need to be an expert when you have strong interview skills.

You'll discover similarities between what you are presenting and other things you may have sold in the past. This is good, however, it all starts with preparing the client for a series of interviews, compiling these details and being willing to do your homework.

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