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A Unique Newsletter For Copywriters, Marketers, and Business Development Professionals

From the beginning, the AdBriefing Copywriting Tips newsletter is about helping you become a better copywriter. The very first issue was March 2004. From 2008 forward, elements start to cover the business of copywriting.

You'll also find materials beyond marketing, including coverage of the marketing consulting and business development professionals. If you can help clients earn more, then this newsletter is for you.

The truth is this newsletter is its subscribers. At times a thousand subscribers, while other times, a few hundred. The best quality copywriters want to build their agency, abilities, and assets using words that sell.

A Newsletter for Copywriters by Copywriters

Man in front of Airplane, Patrick Quinn
Pat Quinn in front of his airplane.

Before 2008, this publication was written by Patrick Quinn and under management with Markethill Publishing. Mr. Quinn is quite a character. Jazz musician, writer, and novelist.

After his passing, Justin Hitt purchased the rights to a pile of Patrick Quinn's copywriting materials, books, and newsletters. Mr. Hitt continued to write in Patrick Quinn's voice for a few years before introducing original materials.

Over the years, a handful of Patrick Quinn's private clients and coaching students shared their stories. From time to time, I hire subscribers to write as well. The overall focus is helping subscribers transform writing skills into passive income.

Write when you have questions; I may even answer them in this newsletter!