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By Staff WriterFebruary 5

By Justin Hitt, Professional B2B Copywriter

If you want your prospects attention then your message must resonate with their interests. Right now the economy, green business, and bailouts are big media topics. Should they lead your marketing discussion?

Reg Nordman of Knights on the Road brings up a good point about the over emphasis on leading with the economy in copy.

While I agree some are going overboard with the “down economy” message, it is something that is a top concern for many consumers, business owners, and buyers of your goods. It's something they think about emotionally. However, does it motivate them to take action?

I take questions on one of my blog for business-to-business sales and marketing professionals, many are worried about slow growth and often cite the economy as a reason for their distress. However, many of their problems aren't caused by the economy, instead fundamentals of marketing including point on copy writing I cover here for you.

Ask yourself, “How effective is your message if everyone is saying the same thing?” …

  1. Too much fear causes indecision. Yes, there are key topics your reader is thinking about, mentioning the things about the economy that advance your selling points is good, but don't over do it. Try to be unique when you can, take an unconsidered approach.
  2. Stand out for attention and direction. Yes, differentiation is necessary, and so is connecting with the conversation clients have in their mind. Using a contrary, hopeful, or emphatic approach can help set you apart, rather than blending you into a crowd.

Also seek out less obvious thought points your readers are considering and that may motivate them. This is why powerful marketing benefits from great copy, follow up, and testing. Test against your ‘down economy' angle, try a different twist and you may be surprised by your results.

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