Eavesdropping on Your Buyers

By Justin Hitt, Industrial Copywriter

The more you understand the deep desires of your potential buyers, the easier it is to write copy that sells. Unfortunately, you just can't ask them. You need to bug their house, literally spying on their every move. Is it worth breaking the law to better understand your buyers?

When you know, in the words of your buyer, what it is they want to purchase, you can more easily position yourself in their path. So why not just ask them?

First, most of your customers truly don't know what it is they want. They either don't know how to convey it in words, or only know it when they see it.

Second, if your customer knows what they want they will lie about it. They lie to save money, to protect themselves, or because want to make themselves look good.

Unfortunately when you don't know what buyers want it is difficult to give it to them. That means fewer sales, poor conversion, or worse. It's not your fault, and here are some tips to help you eavesdrop on your buyers desires:

  • Monitor their complaints,
  • Listen more than you speak,
  • Watch how they use your product,
  • Look at what they buy,
  • Involve them in a conversation,

Of course, you don't have to break the law. Information is available to eavesdrop on the conversation inside the mind of your buyers, if you know where to look.

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