Elements of Writing Bullet Points

By Justin Hitt, Professional B2B Copywriter

How do you present many benefits, relieve eye strain, and help your reader get more per inch in any sales letter? You use the often abused bullet point. Here are some tips on using bullet points:

Think of bullets as classified ads in your copy that prepare the reader for a big offer or call to action. Each point will give the reader a reason to go on.

Use bullets to convert features into benefits, by listing a short feature followed by reason why benefit. If you provide 5 services, then share them in a bullet list as sentences that describe why the reader should care about each.

Properly used bullets will capture the “at a glance” reader, pulling them into copy before they have a chance to throw out your piece. Use bullets with check marks talking about benefits, numbers showing them how many bonuses, or solid dots to demonstrate points.

When writing bullets you are in effect creating a list of benefit laden headlines designed to keep the reader interested. You may have a list of bullets early in a long letter telling the reader what they will discover in the following pages.

If you want to break up copy, or need to cover a lot of information in a few pages, then use bullet lists. Just be careful not to span too many pages, or turn points into paragraphs.

Bullets are to be short, focused, and all about the interests of the reader. You can preface a bullet with a 3 or 4 word phrase, only if you are willing to follow with a punch. Go back to John E. Kennedy's “Reason Why Advertising” to focus on a buyers interests.

Do bullets work on-line and in direct mail the same?

They sure do, it's just a matter of being clearly focused. That means, your list of bullets need to along the same category, or all with the same purpose. Think of bullets as a grouping of points, ideas, or relevant concepts.

You'll often want to give your bullet list a name, like “7 Reasons Why Smart People Like You Say ‘Yes'” listing reasons to buy, “What Business Owners Over 50 Have to Fear in Retirement, that You Won't” followed by customer testimonials.

Even if you just use bullet points as a place for a few great headlines that support a benefit, your copy will be improved by organizing ideas in this way. Bullets break up long form sales letters and help you stay in touch with the reader.

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