External Domain Name Parking Options

“Are you familiar with SEDO? What are your thoughts about using them for our parked domains?”

Sedo is a great solution, I use it for buying domains. However, don't recommend them for parking.

I didn't like how Sedo handled reporting for parking and while it was more flexible, it didn't generate as much revenue.
Also, Sedo is going to actively market your domains for sale. Will you be parking domains for sale, or just to hold them for later use?
If you're looking to park domains for later use, I prefer using Parked.
Parked has better reporting and let's you customize layout by overriding CSS. You can also run your own content at the bottom of the page.
Is domain parking the best choice for your domain name? In another article, I'll touch on domain management options that will change the way you look at the handling these assets.
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