Finding High Traffic Websites for Inbound Links

If you want to use search engines to find highly targeted audiences for your business solution, then it's important to invest in understand how search engine work. Not just how they return information, but how to do complex queries that identify specific matches.

For example, the search “{KEYWORD} inurl:blog“, where {KEYWORD} is a 2-3 word string, will return sites likely to be blogs with those keywords. For better results you want to use ‘“{KEYWORD}” inurl:blog‘ to return that specific phrase.
When I'm mining search engines, I'm not necessarily looking for places for me to post. But I may be seeking communities to buy advertising, do joint-ventures, and find affiliates for my clients. Or simply doing research on the language my customer use to improve SEO keyword targeting.
You may do a theme campaign, or want to promote a specific service. The key is to collect information you can use both online and offline. And search engines can be the most readily available research tool at your finger tips.
Knowing how to use advanced search can help you create content for your content site, craft more targeted sales messages, and focus on markets of buyers. The key is looking for the right keywords, focusing more on a buying audience than popular terms. I dominate unpopular but profitable terms that very few know about, and do the same for my clients.
When looking for forums, use URL strings depending on popular forum software. I've got a whole tool chest of these (and it doesn't require any special software.) You may restrict your search to a specific website, even websites that don't contain certain stop words.
If you want more traffic, learn to use search engines beyond just typing in a few keyword phrases. A good search string and the right browser plug-ins can put together a targeted list of prospects for your business. Write with your questions, if you are interested I'll share details in another post.
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