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Do you want more profitable lead generation? Monetization of leads starts in the follow up, not the capture. It's easy to compile a list of prospects.

Why This One Thing Stands in the Way of Follow Up With Qualified Leads

The hard part is staying in touch. Keeping contact details clean in your customer relationships management (CRM) platform is critical.

While the process changes depending on your platform, the concepts are universal. You do have a process for keeping contact records clean, right?

It's hard to reach a prospect when you have the wrong email, phone number, or a bad address. Even worse, if you don't have permission to follow up.

Let's start with the correction of email addresses and other contact details. I cover permission based marketing and email follow up elsewhere.

Episode 006, An Example of Correcting Email Addresses From Marketing to Contact Management
 Justin Hitt. Managing Email Leads (Using CRM in Email Marketing) (YouTube, 10:05)

Coded mailing lists, address correction, and tracking between systems is the obvious lesson. This short staff training video is instructive no matter what platform you use.

In this example, Aweber is used for email marketing and Goldmine for CRM. Lead capture across platforms is critical for consistent follow up.

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These baseline tenants help you get more from your lead generation dollars. Each represents an area of focus that improves lead quality.

It's amazing what the implementation of data hygiene principles teaches. The video above illustrates some of these tenants in practical use.

Use these tenants as a checklist to rate your list management strategy. Doe sit address data hygiene and ability to follow up? Each area is critical if you want to maximize sales.

  1. Efficient Lead Identification: The process helps your team identify potential leads from a website. Saving time by focusing on specific keywords or prefixes associated with lead sources.
  2. Structured Data Collection: The step-by-step approach ensures that all necessary information you collect about leads is available for future reference.
  3. Accurate Lead Tracking: By recording leads in a structured manner, it becomes easier to keep track of their sources. Communication history and relevant details are in one place. Leading to better follow-up and conversion opportunities.
  4. Enhanced Lead Research: Performing quick Google searches on email addresses to gather more information about the leads. This enables more personalized and informed communication.
  5. Consistent Data Entry: The process encourages consistent data entry practices, ensuring that leads are linked to appropriate contacts, and associated with relevant groups or lists.
  6. Streamlined Group Management: The process includes instructions for adding leads to specific groups or lists. Enabling targeted marketing efforts and streamlined communication to different segments of potential customers.
  7. Optimized Workflow: Following this process can help sales and marketing professionals optimize their workflow. By providing clear steps for lead handling reduces confusion and increases productivity.
  8. Efficient Filtering: Use filters to sort and identify leads by specific criteria, such as source or keywords. This helps efficient lead management, reducing the time spent on irrelevant records.
  9. Easy Record Creation: The step-by-step guide simplifies the process of creating new records for leads that aren't already present in the system. Stop overlooking quality leads that didn't sync between applications.
  10. Automated Tracking: The system's feature to remove leads from the list after they've been processed. This prevents duplication and ensures that all leads get follow up.
  11. Effective Follow-up: By capturing leads in the system, it becomes easier to follow up with potential customers and maintain communication. Increasing the likelihood of conversion over time.
  12. Support and Resources: Don't go after lead clean up alone. Use appropriate tools, integration, and scripting. Seek help or clarification via the management system. This fosters a supportive environment for those following the process.
  13. Sustainable Lead Generation: Lead generation is an ongoing process. Emphasize the need for consistent gathering, recording, and management of new leads. A healthy sales pipeline depends on quality lead flow.
  14. Structured Training: You may not start with detailed instructions, but be comprehensive. Have training resource for new team members. Ensure that they understand the lead management process and can execute it.
  15. Opportunity for Improvement: Look for ways to improve lead management and marketing strategies. Have an expert look at your environment for marketing automation opportunities. Refine this process and adapt based on experience as well as changing needs.

Mistakes in any one area can corrupt web analytics and conversion tracking. That's why capturing leads into many platforms is critical.

If your email marketing system fails, at least a sales person can follow up. An email address might go bad, but you can still connect over a postal address.

Smart copywriters and marketers still leverage multichannel marketing. The more ways you can profitable show up the better.

Unveil the Expert Tactics to Transform Website Leads into Real-World Revenue!

Develop your own procedural to keep contact records clean. It doesn't take much effort. I like to record a few sessions of actually cleaning up records.

Provide these video tutorials to staff who will outline the process, then follow up. Over time these steps become business as usual.

When working at Lillian Vernon licensed database tools clean up addresses. They didn't invent these tools. Email and phone numbers were keys to feed data to data hygiene tools.

Today many data validation tools can help you keep your contact records clean. Whether you five thousand, or five million records, poor records.

Even for niche digital publications, subject matter experts, and eCommerce platforms these tools integrate with popular CRM solutions. Do this to reduces credit card fraud, rejected shipments, and stop waste in follow up.

As a copywriter your concern may be the words on a page. But clients measure you on everything else. That's why you check conversion metrics before doing any project on performance.

Whether you are freelance or run a small agency, it's important to know web analytics is accurate. That software can confirm email addresses, and leads get recorded. Doing these things helps you maximize your investment in each lead.

Write when you have technical challenges around conversion rates. Or when a client who violates many of the tenants above. Contact us about partnering or expert advice.

There is a privacy and permissions aspect of lead generation. Get more enterprise work and large corporate accounts using this as a cheat sheet. Stop chasing dead leads with at least a basic data hygiene approach.

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