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By Justin HittFebruary 1

“I'm frustrated, I have three sites, lots of unique content, even social bookmarks, and still very little recognition from Google (and other search engines.) Help?” — Charles James

How about focusing on your target audience? The more specific you reach the people you want to serve, the more traffic Google will send your way. Focus on meaningful content, titles, and descriptions. Target what your audience is searching for online. Because …

Search engines make their money providing meaningful results to their visitors. You provide the content a certain audience wants to see, and search engines will gratefully give you the traffic.
No gimmicks, no tricks, just write for the people you want to attract. Cover topics they are interested in, build a community around your website. Search engines will find you.
It is helpful to do all the things, like site maps and RSS, that help visitors return to your site. Google and other search engine look for these things to up date their indexes.
I have clients are are listed instantly in the search engines (organically) not because of any special technique, but instead through their value to a specific audience.
When someone visits your site, is it clear who you serve? Make your target audience clear and search engines will recognize you with traffic. You can have this same kind of attention, when you first give it to your target audience.
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