Getting Started Guide to Web Traffic

So your business has a fancy website, but are you making any money. A business website without highly qualified visitors is a waste of marketing dollars. Here's your quick start guide to driving qualified buyers to your business website:

  1. Syndicate your content with RSS. The proper site feeds help improve listing in search engines, lets your headlines post on other sites, and drives visitors from listing services. Are you using RSS feeds?
  2. Optimize your site for search engines. More than 50% of a sites traffic comes from top search engines like Google, Yahoo!, and MSN. Is your site optimized without gimmicks that could get you de-listed?
  3. Targeted article submission. Getting your articles not just to directories but targeted trade publications can position your company as the company of choice. Are you properly using article marketing?
  4. Capturing leads and following up. It's not enough to put a name on your mailing list, you need to be regularly providing quality content that keeps them coming back. Are you making the most of your lead generation efforts?
  5. Viral marketing gifts and giveaways. Everyone wants something for free, even better they want to find a powerful resource worth sharing. Are you connecting with visitors, and giving them a reason to share?
  6. Buy the traffic you want to convert. PPC lets you put your advertising right in front of visitors searching for what you offer. Are you making the most of PPC?
  7. Show visitors how to use you to get what they want. It needs to be obvious on your website exactly what visitors get from visiting, involve them emotionally. Are you connecting with visitors who they stay and recommend?

With these basics in hand you can quickly drive traffic to your website. The better you can do this the more qualified your traffic, and more sales you'll produce. Are you getting all the qualified traffic you deserve?
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Justin Hitt
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