Guest Blogging to Build Website Traffic

Do you want qualified traffic for your business website or blog? If you have something of value, you can be seen by a hungry stream of buyers if you know how. Here is one business blogging strategy sure to bring you visitors.

Start by actively commenting (i.e. adding value and encouragement) on quality blogs to which you can add value. Not cutting into any conversation, instead contributing to the discussion. Be a welcome guest, an observer, or a giver.
When you comment you'll be asked for your name, email, and website address. Use a deep link to related content as the website address (not to a product, but to real earnest content that adds to what is being said.) Choose a link that adds value to the conversation.
For every site that refers you traffic, contact them about contributing 3 or more guest articles. You'll write at least 3 high quality articles that provide value to their blog. Tell them you noticed their site referred a little traffic, so you thought the content would be a way to give back.
Even better, invite them to be a featured guest on your business blog, since your audience is likely interested in what they have to say. This will send some traffic back to their site. Everyone wins, especially your visitors.
You are not going to extend this courtesy to every nut job with a blog, just those who lend credibility to your topic, would provide value to your visitors, and who you trust to give great advice. Remember, while a guest on your blog, they will be representing you.
In the articles you write for others include one or two deep contextual links and a link to your main site in the article byline. Every link will add to content value, not just for the keyword link or SEO value. This relevant connection must improve context. Let your guest do the same on your blog.
If the majority of posts on the site do not have contextual cross references or links, then include fewer in your content. You'll find some business bloggers will object to linking back to your content, so every link must be an obvious match.
For example, if a contextual cross reference would be more relevant to a piece of their content, then link to that, not your own. Remember you are a guest, your contribution must be so good that your host will invite you back. Abusing this opportunity will ruin a perfectly good opportunity for both parties.
Find sites similar to those who refer you traffic and repeat this process. You'll find a handful of sites that regularly provide you quality traffic (and you can do the same for them) that position your business blog as a credible source while extending your reach. Plus, you'll get quality content from experts for your own site, providing them the same benefit.
Afraid you'll lose traffic letting others provide material to your readers? Not likely, as long as your content provides unique value, your readers will thank you for introducing them to another resource. Most likely they will read both and return to your business blog. Plus, if you do a better job with lead capture then you'll get all the benefit.
This method drives traffic, attracts search engines, and pulls in qualified visitors. To determine if you are getting any buyers you'll want to watch your web analytics for inbound links that create sales. Meanwhile, you'll see traffic grow and so will your partners in this effort.
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