How to Avoid Cutting Commission on Internet Marketing Channels

Have you ever been tight on your marketing budget and feared you might need to cut commissions.

Instead of cutting commissions, work to make the channel more profitable. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Expire commissions after a certain period, then follow up each sale heavily.
  • Take measures to increase transaction size or provide an immediate up sells with a high margin.
  • Take steps to increase conversion rates across landing pages.
  • Measure and test all marketing channels, share your results with affiliate marketers.
  • Optimize other areas of your marketing, see what is pulling in measurable revenue.
  • Increase overall prices to cover changes in cost of goods.

Sales people are discouraged by reductions in commission, the same goes for those in your affiliate marketing channels.
While a number of profitable solutions are available, look at everything before cutting established commissions. Often you'll be surprised by the results.
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