How to measure business website success

While some marketers fantasize about reach, brand, and exposure, if you really want to know what defines business website success then you are in the right place. It's truth that bounce rate is important, number of visitors contributes, but your bottom line measure of business website success is summed up in two formulas:

Visitor Value = Income Generated / Visitors
Cost per Visitor = (Marketing Cost + Overhead) / Visitors

Everything else from conversion rates, time on site, and new visitor percentages are secondary, in fact, only contribute to this measure above. When speaking of visitors, that's unique visitors daily against your daily receipts. It's that easy!
This this formula you know how much to pay for advertising, what you can spend on a lead, and can better determine your business websites contribution to your marketing. If you're not measuring, then you really need to ask yourself if you're serious about marketing and growing your business.
Why do people still talk about page views, Google Pagerank, impressions, and total visitors? Two kinds of marketers talk about these false measures, (1) those who don't know any better and (2) those who want to throw you off their profitable niches. Unfortunately there isn't any surefire B.S. detector to know which is which here.
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