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By Justin HittApril 6

Many marketers today want links to their affiliate and lead generation pages, they want links so bad they will find any reason to shove in their web address. Unfortunately, many bad links hurts value for readers. Here's a lesson that will improve article marketing and your sales bottom line.

Stop affiliate direct linking

In your articles, stop direct linking to affiliate and lead generation websites from your blog unless your link adds value. Keyword stuffed content, created just for links doesn't work. In fact, don't link to any site from a post unless it has 100% to do with the content of that post — irrelevant links pisses people off.
Notice, I didn't say anything about search engines. Your linking strategy needs to be about real human buyers if you want maximum results. What do you think happens with a visitor follows a in context link, but doesn't find relevant content?
First, they wonder, “Why did they link to that, doesn't have anything to do with what I was reading?” Second, because they didn't find what they were seeking, they click off or search again. Only relevant linking can cure this tendency for visitors to wander.

Links must lead credibility

Each link must lend credibility to the message. If you mention one of your product (in the conext of the post), then link to it, however, your reference must make sense to the reader. What I'm really talking about is relevance, the kind that carries a reader from content to purchase.
If search engines aren't already measuring relevance, then they will shortly. Change page context gradually change from link to link, moving visitors towards a lead capture — rather than a direct link without relevance between pages.

It's like jumping in ice water

The contrast to this, and I even see medium sized publishers doing it — is writing about a high traffic keyword, then linking that conversation to your product. A click-through without contextual relevance is like jumping in ice water for your hard earned visitor. Shock that sends them searching for someone else.
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