Increasing Google PageRank on Business Website

My visitors are returning and staying with my website but Google must hate me because my page ranking is so low. What can I do for my business website? — Carter Maya

I know this isn't the answer you are looking for, but considering Google PageRank is only one part of your business website marketing mix, don't worry about it. Instead, focus on your visitors and buyers interests.

Google PageRank is a measure Google assigns to your website based on the sites relevance for a specific topic or theme. Where does it get this theme? Based on your site content, domain name, page titles, and other aspects Google characterizes the site in a specific topic.
When people visit Google and search for your solution, research a problem, or words in your topic area; Google returns sites it feels best match. Google PageRank is part of how it lists the results in order of relevance. The higher your rank, the more relevant Google assumes.
Yes, you want a high page rank, but more importantly for a business-to-business website you want sales. If you are getting the sales, generating leads, and your website contributes to your organization, then forget about PageRank.
First your site must serve it's intended audience, clearly, and with passion. Google will pick you up as soon as it's systems can clearly see that through how you write, how visitors visit, and other elements you control by connecting with your audience.
Think about it. Google's only purpose is to help visitors find exactly what they are seeking. The more your site does this, the more Google will want to share your pages. Help your audience, give Google a reason to rank you high.
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