Index Your Website Fast Launch Plan

As promised, here is a high level of what worked in the launch of Commercial Real Estate For Sale and Commercial Real Estate Job Search. Happy 4th of July!

  • Both sites are based on high traffic keyword relevant to a specific business-to-business vertical;
  • Before the sites were built, related domains were secured around the core niche area;
  • Products relevant to the niche were brought together and enough products were available (the back end) to be profitable;
  • The site was presented in stages, first the basics, then new elements were added;
  • A multiple phase approach was taken to introduce features as they are of value to the buying visitor;
  • Advertising banners were omitted to allow search engines time index a limited and focused site;
  • Everything about the site is text and simplify focused on a single vertical buyer;
  • Lead generation elements were omitted till the site started gaining some traffic;
  • Two sites were launched at the same time, each providing value to the same customers and linked together using a “network” mentality;
  • Other supporting sites were already available to search engines, used to announce the new development;
  • Site text is designed around the wants and desires of the target audiences while other conversation is ignored;
  • Navigation is focused on exactly the few things a visitor can do at the site without duplicating content;
  • The offer is scoped both by buyers interests and economics scale that allows direct marketing;

Okay, there are a handful of other points that could be included here, but I need to save something for next week. Plus, it's time to fire up the grill. Wishing you all the best on this Independence Day!
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