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You're In Like Flynn!

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Actor Errol Flynn, taken ca. 1940, Public domain.

The copywriting field is more competitive than ever before.

It is a global market place infested with newbies!  Are YOU ready? You’ve taken the first step to secure your high income, prevent market dilution, and use words that sell to get more lucrative projects.

Here's what you'll get from this newsletter:

  • Actionable insights to run effective a copywriting or marketing services business,
  • Shortcuts to automatically write drives while doing better client research,
  • Marketing and administrative back office actions that keep you sane,
  • Profit from staffing arbitrage without compromising work quality or output,
  • Domination methods to put annoying competitors out of business,
  • How to inject character and story into your writing to be more interesting,

Patrick Quinn, author of some 21 books, wrote both copy and fiction.  Dan Kennedy is doing the same partnering with mystery writer Les Roberts.  More characters include Gary Halbert, John Caples, and even Jim Straw.

All the greats used story, theater, and a bit of wit to craft messages that magnetically attract buyers.  If you aren’t familiar with these greats, let me introduce you in these issues.

In the relaunched AdBriefing’s I’ll be sharing the secrets of direct response marketing through words that sell, using my own voice.  If you’re not happy with that, then unsubscribe anytime.

You’ll also can ask your questions in regular Group Q&A Sessions that go beyond copywriting.  That’s because schools and home-study programs are pumping students.

And they are pretty good.  Some are opening their own agencies, while others continue to freelance.  That means you have competition from all fronts.  I’ll show you how to handle this.

Ask your questions by writing in – simply reply to any message sent to you, or FAX +1 (877) 486-8461 with one or two pages.  Conference and webinar bridge details will follow.

NOTE:   You are my GUEST to the group calls.  Most of which are quiet because I collect questions in advance.  This means you won’t see all the notices, so pay attention.

Now that you are on this side, let’s get you started.  The first welcome issue will include three important insights on defining your fortune!


Justin (signature)

Justin Hitt
Analyst / Copywriter

P. s. Remember, if I say something offensive to you in terms of position in a marketplace, then you have two choices.  1. Buck it up and make something happen, or 2. Scurry off with your tail between your legs with an unsubscribe.  Fair enough?

Attention Copywriters: Career Building Research

I am a weary representative that has ...

Hi, I am a weary representative that has been losing his shirt in the business of copywriting.

It's not much of a business when you have no customers. That's why I'm writing.

After this newsletter I have a new lease [on life.] While I've only broken, I expect to be making money by year end.

That tip you gave me about who to send my letters made a difference. Thank you.

[ED. Great news is that John is doing much better these days. Not losing money. Moving beyond the challenges of the past. Keep up the good work! -- Justin]

John T.

Very interesting and intelligent posts

Hi Justin,

Its not my area of expertise but you have written some very interesting and intelligent posts (as others have also noticed on the board); can you think of anything that might answer his question?


Any ideas? As always feel free to post your link/sig info at the end if you do offer any comments.

Best regards,

Tim Mahoney, iVerify Board Moderator


Your insights and sense of humor as a highlight of the evening

Justin and William,

The Coffee & DoughNets was a smash hit! Based on all the feedback we're getting, ...

Many people specifically mentioned your insights and sense of humor as a highlight of the evening. We are grateful that you are part of that community.

Linda Sowers Marketing Consultant, MarkeTek