Keeping Email Marketing Lists Clean

It's a fact that more than 35% of emails are never delivered and fewer than 27% are even opened. While email marketing is cheap, it can be more effective. A frequently recommended, but little followed tip about managing email marketing lists could double your profits per name and improve deliver ability by 90% overnight.

Email marketing is an excellent way to keep customers educated about product changes, to quickly boost revenues with “list only” offers, and a cost effective way to grow your business. However, with spam filters and disposable email accounts more than half of what you're mailing isn't being delivered.
To increase your web delivery rate I recommend dumping your list once a year. Now long time subscribers of Inside Strategic Relations are familiar with my “Cleaning House” mailings to rejoin the newsletter.
Each year I send out a note for readers to rejoin the mailing list, and those who don't will not receive messages from me anymore. In my email management system I retire the old list and only use the new one.
Will I lose list count? Yes. Will I lose subscribers? Probably. But I really don't care. If a reader won't take the time to rejoin, then they aren't reading the newsletter anyway. Unless you are ripping off people with bad list rentals, a profitable business website only cares about buyers who take the time to read and participate.
This house cleaning recommits the reader to receiving your publication, it commits them to participating with your discussion on their area of interest. Of course you are using double opt-in, so now you are also verifying every email address as deliverable.
Another thing that happens at major email providers is delivery rates increase, open rates increase, and bounces decrease. Your mailing score, privately held and updated, will improve if you aren't already white listed.
There are many reasons email addresses go bad. By purging your list every year, by you'll taken a huge step to connect with readers while improve your overall deliver ability. And it doesn't cost you anything.
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