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There’s more. From time to time, we run a copy writing clinic for one-to-one help and advice if you get stuck on a writing project. All you must do is ask.

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What Smart Copywriters and Marketers Have to Say About AdBriefing Copywriting Tips

Your site as well as your posts are very well thought out

Justin, I know this isn't my conversation but your site as well as your posts are very well thought out and I look forward to reading more here. I learn each time I read what you write.

Antone O.Marketer and Entrepreneuruser-image

I really appreciate your giving me such extensive feedback!

Your suggestions are all great–I especially appreciate the ones on re-organizing the initial letter, I know that's confusing still (for the first version of the kit, it was pretty awful :-)). And offering additional instructions on organizing the files is great, too. I really appreciate your giving me such extensive feedback!

Jessica AlbonThe Write Exposureuser-image

Very interesting and intelligent posts

Hi Justin,

Its not my area of expertise but you have written some very interesting and intelligent posts (as others have also noticed on the board); can you think of anything that might answer his question?


Any ideas? As always feel free to post your link/sig info at the end if you do offer any comments.

Best regards,

Tim Mahoney, iVerify Board Moderator

Tim MahoneyiVerify Board Moderatoruser-image

Practical Copywriting Insights That Helps You Write Words That Sell

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